【Getting Over It】GAME TER – EZ 【Vtuber Indonesia】

KonKuuki KonKuuki! Welcome to my world! Salam kenal ya!

Long time ago, I was a Prince…BUT NOW I AM A GIRL?!
After 2000 years of sleep, i finally woke up, but in my face and body of my lover?!

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Don’t give me any spoiler unless I’m asking
Don’t do backseating
Please be respectful to others!
Do not mention other vtuber/liver/artist first before I mention it
No Out Of Topic PLS!

Jangan SPOILER kalo aku lagi main game!
Jangan backseat, kita belajar sama2 ya.
Jangan ngemention vtuber lain sebelum aku mulai.
Jangan Out Of Topic!