Hololive 3rd Generation’s Minecraft Hardcore Aventure + the best VTuber engrish you will ever hear

Watch as #UsadaPekora #ShiroganeNoel #HoushouMarine #UruhaRushia and #ShiranuiFlare try to beat the ender dragon in “almost hardcore” mode. And also watch Marine being randomly lewd whole Pekora tries to flex her ogey English.

Pekora source https://youtu.be/yKG-ToSVYQ4
Marine source https://youtu.be/JXbDV_vomeU
Flare source https://youtu.be/ZkDlLXelZXg
Rushia source https://youtu.be/NhEJAr54uVc
Noel source https://youtu.be/Snud37b0CHA

Damn. I originally wanted to finish this much sooner, but then my computer couldn’t handle these large files, so I went out and got a mac. Transferring the project from my laptop was not fun, but I’m so glad I did because the creative freedom I had when I didn’t experience any lag really made this such a joy to edit. I hope in the future I can make more of these types of compilations. If you like this style as opposed to shorter clips or whatnot, let me know! I try to read all comments

At times, many people were talking, or I felt the JP was not on topic, so I either interpreted the message or didn’t TL. And of course I don’t feel super confident knowing myself and this type of compilation translation, so if there are any moments I need to rephrase better / correct, I’ll always pin such comments.